Healing Space ASIAS

Healing Space AsiaS is an Asian healing massage salon , produced by Thai Traditional Massage Association Japan.
We have some kinds of healing relaxation, Thai Traditional Massage, and Reflexology of Thai Style, and so on.
We also have a big room for 2 people.It's a open space for friends and families.
There are 4 single independent rooms for Body Massage which give you more relaxation.
It's located on Kotto-Dori street, 5-chome Minami-Aoyama. It's close to Omote-Sando station of Ginza Line for about 2 minites by walk.
It's better to book by telephone or e-mail, first.

Tel 03-5778-9531


open at 10:00 a.m. 〜 11:00 p.m
◆ Nomination Fee ・・・¥1000◆
we charge you one thousand yen for nomination fee

◆ registration fee・・・¥200 ◆
we charge you two hundred yen for registration fee